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At the beginning of each & every month, I publish a 1 hour podcast / mix which contains a mixture of brand new music I have found, and various classics from the vaults, for your enjoyment. The mixes can be downloaded directly from this site.

Title: Session 055 March 2019
Duration: 01:05:23
File Size: 90.2 MB


  1. Steve Alexander – Colour Of Memory – Reinforced Records – Buy
  2. Akuratyde – Lights In My Eyes – Taken from the Embrace EP – BMTM – Buy
  3. Julianna Barwick – Beached – Taken from the album Will – Dead Oceans – Buy
  4. PFM – How Do You Do? – Taken from the compilation Earth 5 – Good Looking Records – Buy
  5. The Detroit Experiment – Highest – Taken from the album The Detroit Experiment – Planet E – Buy
  6. Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants [Bonus Beats] – Urban UK – Buy
  7. Thought Gang – Frank 2000 Prelude – Taken from the album Thought Gang – Sacred Bones – Buy
  8. Thomas Ragsdale – The Dales – Taken from the album Bait – This Is It Forever – Buy
  9. Code Blue – Angels In Rhythm – Deejay Recordings – Buy
  10. Fanu – Ninja Chicks – Darkestral Ice – Buy
  11. Bibio – Chancylvania – Taken from the T.O.Y.S EP – Ninja Tune – Buy
  12. Suzanne Ciani – Paris – Taken from the compilation Lixiviation – Finders Keepers – Buy
  13. Gigi Mason – The Word Love – Taken from the compilation Talk To The Sea – Music From Memory – Buy
  14. Leon Vinehall – Ice Cream (Chapter VIII) – Taken from the album Nothing Is Still – Ninja Tune – Buy
  15. Gaelle – Repetition – Taken from the album Transient – Naked Music – Buy
  16. Thom Yorke – Motherlode – Taken from the album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes – XL – Buy



7 Responses to Latest Podcast

  1. wilbur says:

    BOOM! 016 in my itunes, ready to sculpt my ears while waiting for the 9-5 to grind to an end. Excellence as usual Mr Graff, tunes and mixing spot on. Looking forward to the next one as always…

  2. Jragon One says:

    Love the podcasts. Is there any way to get an RSS feed for whenever you have a new podcast coming out? Thanks!

  3. madflavours says:

    Hi Jragon One, there are two ways you can do this.

    – add to get an RSS update whenever a post is made here.


    – add the podcast xml feed directly, which is:

    However, the latter of the two will only provide a link to the MP3, not the website post itself. I’d recommend the first of the two options.


  4. Jragon One says:

    Thanks so much for responding. I needed an RSS feed to subscribe to because of the podcatcher (Google Listen) I use on my phone. Unfortunately there are still some podcasts that don’t provide any link besides their iTunes address.

    The 2nd link worked perfectly. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

  5. orangeandy says:


    iTunes says that the feed is invalid. In the XML RSS doc line 55 contains ‘Drum & Bass’ rather than ‘Drum and Bass’, so fails validation.

    Top tunage as always btw..!


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