Session 047 May 2017


Title: Session 047 May 2017
Duration: 01:12:05
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This month’s podcast has a vast range of music, and I thought, for a change, I’d write a bit about how each song ended up in this episode…

1. Wax Stag – The Greatest Grace (Taken from the album ii) – Old Habits Buy

This album has been out for a while, and over time, I’ve become more & more obsessed with it. Although it’s mostly comprised entirely of synthesizers, it’s so strong musically that it probably wouldn’t have mattered what it was composed with. This particular track starts off a little strange but builds to a beautiful crescendo.  I cannot stop listening to this at the moment.

2.  Grant – Hommage – GRANT001 – Buy

Following releases for The Lauren Bacall and Merck, Grant has launched his own imprint. This first EP contains four very strong deep house tracks; it was hard to pick a favourite, but “Hommage” has a great vocal, so I went with it. This has sold out everywhere from what I can see.

3. Gigi Masin – Stella Maris (Taken from the compilation Talk To The Sea) – Music From Memory Buy

This compilation of Gigi Masin from a body of work spanning the 80s and 90s showcases a great selection of music from the Italian master of the keyboards. It’s a pretty timeless collection. Well worth tracking down.

4. Boards Of Canada – Split Your Infinities (Taken from the album All Tomorrow’s Harvest) – Warp Buy

Like a lot of people, my friends got into BoC when the Music Has The Right To Children album came out. I always found that album a bit too “stoner” for my tastes; however, All Tomorrow’s Harvest is like a very high-concept 80s sci-fi soundtrack; the whole album is just a lot stronger, and I particularly love this track.

5. Comit – Contact High – Old Habits Buy

Comit is a pseudonym of ASC, long time atmospheric drum & bass producer, who has in more recent years, moved on to produce fantastic ambient and techno material. The nice synth work reminds me a little of the classic At Les by Carl Craig, one of my favourite techno records from many moons ago.

6. Dold – Dispens (Taken from the album Gryning) – Intimate Silence Buy

A lovely piece of beatless, synth-pad ambience from a criminally under-rated Swedish producer.

7. Eluvium – Windmills (Taken from the compilation Disquiet Volume 1) – Unseen Music Buy

I could have really picked any song from this fabulous compilation, which was released recently on Keith Kenniff’s (aka Helios) label Unseen. All proceeds from the sale of this compilation are being donated to non-profit organizations that support the environment, investigative journalism, women and minorities.

8. Shane Carruth – As if It Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending (Taken from the soundtrack to the film Upstream Color) – ERPB – Buy

I am pretty obsessed with this soundtrack; I don’t think it’s left my ipod since I first heard it approximately 2 years ago. You’re likely to hear more from it in future podcasts.

9. ASC – The Sounding Furrows (Taken from the album Fervent Dream) – Silent Season Buy

I am hurriedly trying to catch up with ASCs prolific output from the last few years, and this album in particular struck a chord with me. Another lovely, beatless, atmospheric piece.

10. Etherwood – Caption – Med School (Taken from the album Blue Leaves) – Med School Buy

Etherwood is a very talented drum & bass producer, with a great ear for melody and also, a pretty good voice. This is my favourite track from his 2nd Album, Blue Leaves.

11. Blu Mar Ten – Delerium (feat. Kite) (Taken from the album Empire State) – BMTM Buy

Blu Mar Ten are now twenty years into the game; Empire State is their fourth drum & bass album, and for me, it’s their best yet. The tracks with Kite, in particular, are all magnificent.

12. Bop – So Unloved (Taken from Not Your Cup Of Tea EP) – Med School Buy

Russia’s premier drum & bass producer is back with a new EP on Med School which is pretty exquisite…and a bit of a growler. I particularly liked the melody in this one.

13. Ruxpin – Too Much (Taken from the compilation Intelligent Toys 2) – Sutemos Free Download

This is quite an old track which I picked up via another podcast fairly recently. It’s from a Lithuanian label. Nice electronic synth work. The entire compilation has almost vanished from the internet, but the link above worked when I last tried it. Grab it while you still can.

14. Wild Beasts – New Life (Taken from the album Present Tense) – Domino Buy

I like Wild Beasts in particular because they have two lead singers. Hayden takes the back seat on this one, to allow Tom to front it. I especially like the pads and arrangement in this one.

15. The Duke Spirit – Serenade (Taken from Serenade EP) – Exvoto Records Buy

The Duke Spirit follow up their 2016 Kin album with an EP of all new songs. Nice growling synths and vocal harmonies; Sleek and sexy synth pop.

16. Woman’s Hour – The Day That Needs Defending (Taken from the album Conversations) – Secretly Canadian – Buy

I’ve been listening to this album constantly since it was released, and we saw them perform in Bristol at the time it came out. Rumour has it, they are back in the studio writing the follow up to Conversations at the moment.

17. Grouper – Headache (Taken from the single Paradise Valley) – Kranky Buy

This is the first glimpse of new music from Grouper post the fantastic Ruins album. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you again how obsessed I am with Ruins, but if you haven’t heard Ruins, you really ought to drop whatever you’re doing and listen to it immediately.



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