Session 022 June 2010

Apologies for the delay on this episode of the podcast – however, here it is. I’ve made a concious decision this month not to repeat stuff by artists I’ve already covered – this could have easily have been another mix full of Kira Neris / Floating Points etc but wanted to try and cover some new ground this month, where possible. Hope you enjoy it.

Telefon Tel Aviv – The Birds
Bonobo – 1009
Liquid Liquid – Cavern
Swod – Belgien
Kronos Quartet / Steve Reich – After The War
Bent – I Can’t Believe It’s Over
La Circa – Ida
Lenzman Feat. Riya – Open Page
PFM – Equilibrium
Fallen Angels – New Era
Mademoiselle Caro – Soldiers (Ben Watt Dub)
Kyle Hall – Fuse N Me
Mr Projectile – Hailstorm
Fila Brazilia – Soft Music Under Stars


…as with all the other podcasts, there are a number of ways you can obtain this one. Firstly, via itunes. Alternatively, you can download the mix via Beatplexity, or MixCloud. You can also download it via Fairtilizer.

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Tea-drinking, olive-munching electronic music enthusiast from the United Kingdom.
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2 Responses to Session 022 June 2010

  1. gaerfield says:

    I’m gonna like it…

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