Session 058 September 2019 – All Lauren Bacall Mix

The Lauren Bacall is a vinyl-only label which existed between 2016 and 2018, releasing five x EPs, and an LP in that time. It specialised in a particular flavour of deep house; this mix is a showcase of my personal favourites from the back catalogue.

Grant, who was later revealed to be producer Anthony Collins, has continued to release as Grant, through both a series of GRANT white labels, and, more recently, a new label, Dukes Distribution.

It’s likely that I’ll follow this up with a post-Lauren-Bacall mix, as the newer stuff maintains the same level of quality that graced this now highly collectable label.

Session 058_ All Lauren Bacall Mix

Title: Session 058 September 2019
Duration: 01:14:23
File Size: 178.5 MB


  1. Grant – Cash & Carry – The Acrobat LP – The Lauren Bacall
  2. Gable – Open Space – The Lauren Bacall
  3. Grant – Hope Dies Slowly – The Lauren Bacall
  4. Grant & Gable – The Stop – The Lauren Bacall
  5. Grant – The Difference – The Lauren Bacall
  6. Grant & Gable – Tableux – The Lauren Bacall
  7. Grant & Gable – Harlow After Zola – The Lauren Bacall
  8. Grant & Gable – Dinner 1933 – The Lauren Bacall
  9. Grant – Syracus – The Lauren Bacall
  10. Bardot – Dachstock – The Lauren Bacall
  11. Grant – Charade – The Lauren Bacall
  12. Grant – Doris Day Feat. Natalie Galpern – The Acrobat LP – The Lauren Bacall
  13. Grant – Hughenden Road – The Acrobat LP – The Lauren Bacall
  14. Grant – Rio Rita – The Acrobat LP – The Lauren Bacall

All of these records are now out of print, but you may be able to find some of these on the discogs marketplace….


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