Session 049 December 2017


An eclectic mix of the finest ambient, house, techno and drum & bass music. Hope you enjoy it.

The first track, a demo version of the Bibio & Goyte collaboration The Way You Talk was previously available on soundcloud, but is no longer available – however I have included a link to the full album, which is wonderful.

Title: Session 049 December 2017
Duration: 01:09:05
File Size: 94.9 MB

Track Listing:

  1. Bibio & Gotye – The Way You Talk (Demo Version – a reworked version appears on the album A Mineral Love) – Warp Records – Buy
  2. Wild Beasts – Burning (Taken from the album Smother) – Domino – Buy
  3. Synkro – Transition (Taken from the compilation Disquiet Vol.1) – Unseen – Buy
  4. Pessimist – Bloom (Taken from the album Pessimist) – Blackest Ever Black – Buy
  5. King Moot – The Elmhaart Treaty (Taken from the forthcoming album It Just Fell) – Moot Point – Buy
  6. Abel Mogard – Staring At The Sweeps Of The Desert (Taken from the album Works) – Ecstatic Recordings –  Buy
  7. Telefon Tel Aviv – Something Akin To Lust (Taken from the compilation Territories) – 79 Ancestors – Buy
  8. Shedbug – Aftermath (Taken from the Afterglow EP) – Flux – Buy
  9. Lawrence Guy – Wichita Falls (Taken from the album Saw You For The First Time) – Church – Buy
  10. Seba & Ulrich Schnauss – M7 (Taken from the Snoflingor EP) – BMTM – Buy
  11. Seba – Cloudless – Secret Operations – Buy
  12. Sir Was – Revoke (Taken from the album Digging a Tunnel) – City Slang – Buy
  13. ASC – The Promise In Your Lies (Taken from the album No Stars Without Darkness)Silent Season – Buy
  14. Burial & Four Tet – Moth – Text – Buy
  15. Bibio – Raxeira (Excerpt, taken from the album A Mineral Love) – Warp –Buy



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Tea-drinking, olive-munching electronic music enthusiast from the United Kingdom.
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2 Responses to Session 049 December 2017

  1. gaerfield says:

    Hi… Great too see new casts coming up. Your mixes are unique and incredibly good. I’m still browsing through your best-of-20xx – posts from time to time.
    Btw: Session 48 seems unavailable (just getting a wordpress-login) – is this intended?

    • Robert Graff says:

      Hey Gaerfield, I’ve just checked and Session 048 seems to be ok now. I was able to use the on-page player and the download link worked.

      Give me a shout if you still can’t get it to work; maybe i can upload it somewhere else for you?

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