Session 056 May 2019

RobertGraff_Session 056 May 2019

I’ve been thinking lately about what would happen if no-one ever wrote any more music. Whilst that would, in some ways, be terrible, I’m always discovering music I hadn’t heard before, and it’s often not brand new, so I don’t think it would be all that bad. More music already exists than any one person could ever listen to in a lifetime, you just have to dig for it…

Anyway, with that in mind, I make no apologies for all the old music on this month’s episode. A lot of it’s actually pretty new to me….

Title: Session 056 May 2019
Duration: 00:58:41
File Size: 134.8 MB


  1. Vince Watson – A Very Different World (Innerspace Mix) – Taken from the compilation VW20 – Everysoul – Buy
  2. Eduard Artemiev – Train – Taken from the soundtrack to the film Stalker – Torso Kino – Buy
  3. Future Sound Of London – Cascade Pt. 4 – Virgin – Buy
  4. Bibio – Phantom Brickworks V – Taken from the single Phantom Brickworks IV & V  – Warp Records – Buy
  5. Kiasmos – Drawn – Taken from the Swept EP – Erased tapes – Buy
  6. Harold Budd & Brian Eno – Among Fields Of Crystal – Taken from the album Ambient Vol. 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror – Virgin – Buy
  7. Omni Trio – Stronger – Taken from the Omni Trio Volume II EP – Moving Shadow – Buy
  8. Eduard Artemiev – Meditation – Taken from the soundtrack to the film Stalker – Torso – Buy
  9. Future Sound Of Hardcore – Promised Land – Deejay Recordings – Buy
  10. Brian Kage – Salmon Fishin’ – Taken from the Bear Trax Volume 2 EP – Bear Trax – Buy
  11. B12 – Phett – Taken from the album Time Tourist – Warp – Buy
  12. Daat – Orange Line – Offshore Recordings – Buy
  13. Chakaharta – L9house (Muse Mix) – Temporary State – Buy
  14. Keyboard Circle – Soundcircle / All About Us – Taken from the album 1976 – 689 Recordings – Buy
  15. Derek Scott – Fugarock – Library Music


Vince Watson should need no introduction – he’s appeared several times on this podcast – in fact, he debuted on episode 1, with his track Rendezvous, which is simply one of the best records I’ve ever stumbled across. He’s a titan of techno music, and his work has a unique mood that I really enjoy.

Eduard Artemiev’s work is new to me, however the work itself is very old – he scored music for the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, famous for films such as Mirror, Solaris, and, as featured here, Stalker. It’s very futuristic, given it was written around 1980. I’m not sure what to make of the films themselves, but they definitely look and sound amazing.

The FSOL track is from a CD single I stole from my brother, Tim. Sorry Tim, you’re never getting that back. The whole single is absolutely fantastic – it’s made up of five parts, and it’s basically an album. It’s incredible to listen to, and I’m ashamed to say I’m still not as familiar with the back catalogue of FSOL as I should – although I’ve enjoyed some of that Environments series they put out a couple of years ago.  Cascade is taken from the album Lifeforms, but the album didn’t do it for me, last time I tried it. Maybe I’ll give it another go soon…

The B12 track, Phett, is old, but entirely new to me. As I think I’ve mentioned before, in the 90s I was an avid collector of drum & bass, so I didn’t buy as much techno as I should have done. I’m not particularly familiar with the Warp back catalogue but, if this is anything to go by, I need to go through it.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode.


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