Session 011 April 2009


Ok, so here is the eleventh episode of my monthly podcast. This one kicks off with a bit of retro prog-rock from British mentalists Gong, before going into a much deeper, ambient vibe, with music from the likes of Bochum Welt,  Julien Neto, and Mark Pritchard. The mix concludes with two lovely drum & bass tracks; one newish effort from the mighty Seba & Paradox, and one bonafide classic dark jungle anthem from Inner Rhythm.

Have to give another special mention to Sleepy Town Manufacture, a superb artist from Russia, who’s back catalogue I am loving very much right now. Here’s a couple other posts I made about them: post1 / post2

Gong – Chandra
Alex Reece – Nu Era
Bochum Welt – MVS
Sleepy Town Manufacture – Lain: Say You Care
Bochum Welt – GTE
Mark Pritchard – ?
Sleepy Town Manufacture – Komnata
Julien Neto – Sketch
Basement Jaxx – If I Ever Recover
Poschek – Obscure-ish
Photek – Aura
Sleepy Town Manufacture – Latatoo
Alaska & Seba – Back From Eternity
Inner Rhythm – Carrie


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  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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