Session 018 December 2009

Ok, so here is the final session of 2009….

As usual, there’s a good slab of fresh drum & bass, this month from artists such as Spectrasoul, Blu Mar Ten, Rockwell and more. Following on from last month, there’s a little bit of Bat For Lashes too.

Also, in keeping with the diverse nature of these mixes, I’ve included a bit of 70s Underground Disco from Two Man Sound, and a Fender Rhodes jazz-funk anthem courtesy of Gil Scott Heron. A special thanks must be given to DJ DMT for sourcing the Edú Lobo track for me. I’m very grateful, I love that song!


M83 – America
Craig Armstrong Feat. Antye Greie-Fuchs – Waltz
Bat For Lashes – Moon And Moon
Craig Armstrong – Amber
Two Man Sound – Que Tal America (Extended Mix)
Edú Lobo – Upa Neguinho
Rockwell – Underpass
Unquote & Mr Sizef – Hours Have No Reverse Motion
Spectrasoul – Suppression
Blu Mar Ten – Grey Area
Stray – Timbre
Spectrasoul – How Strange
Spectrasoul – Guardian
Heinrich Mueller – Drone FX
Instra:Mental – Leave It All Behind
Gil Scott Heron – Peace Go With You Brother

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4 Responses to Session 018 December 2009

  1. selena says:

    when is the next house mix coming out..cant wait.

  2. selena says:

    future sessions..can you add Spectrasoul – Insignia and Buried please…

    Also Icicle & Spectrasoul – Wounded.

    Great tracks!


  3. robertgraff says:

    Igsignia appeared on Session 016.

    Buried is great though – good choice – I will include that one next month!



  4. selena says:

    Btw Happy Belated Bday…


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