Session 043 August 2014

Ok, so with very little prep, I went into the music room and knocked out a pretty eclectic 60 minutes of what are definitely some of my favourite records. Lots of vinyl this month…

Title: Session 043 August 2014
Duration: 01:11:06
Encoding: MP3 192 kbps
File Size: 102.4 MB

1. Peter Ivers – In Heaven Everything Is Fine (Taken from the Eraserhead Soundtrack LP) – Alternative Tentacles Records – Buy
2. Dr Dooom – No Chorus (Taken from the album First Come First Served) – Copasetik Records- Buy
2. Major Force West – Cup Of Tea (Taken from the album 94-97) – MoWax – Buy
3. Money Mark – Function – Mowax- Buy
4. Money Mark – Caught Without a Race (Taken from the album Change Is Coming) – Emperor Norton- Buy
5. Barry Adamson – Something Wicked this way Comes (Taken from the Lost Highway Soundtrack) – Interscope Records- Buy
6 .Sukia – Touching You Touching Me (Taken from the album Contacto Especial Con El Tercer Sexo) – Mowax- Buy
7.Nigo – Kung Fu Fighting (Taken from the album Ape Sounds) – Mowax- Buy
8. DJ Shadow – Lost & Found (Taken from the Headz Sampler 12”) – Mowax- Buy
9. Nigo – March Of The General (Taken from the album Ape Sounds) – Mowax- Buy
10. Horace Silver – Lonely Woman (Taken from the album song for my father) – Blue Note- Buy
11. Innerzone Orchestra – At Les (Taken from the album Programmed) – Talkin’ Loud- Buy
12. Nat King Cole – Funny (Taken from the album Live At The Sands) – MFP
13. Astrud Gilberto – All That’s left Is left to say goodbye (Taken from The Silver Collection Album) – Verve- Buy
14. Clarke Boland Big Band – Sakara (Taken from the album 21st Century Soul) – Talkin’ Loud- Buy
15. Matthew Hallsall & The Godwana Orchestra – Kiyomizu Dera (Taken from the album When The World Was One) – Godwana Records- Buy
16. Photek – Seven Samurai (Photek Remix) (Taken from the album Form & Function) – Science- Buy


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