Session 064 November 2020

Title: Session 064 November 2020
Duration: 01:18:08
File Size: 94.8 MB


  1. The Duretti Column – Sketch For Summer – taken from the album The Return Of Duretti Columnbuy
  2. DJ Shadow – Lost & Found – Taken from the Lost & Found /Kemurai single – MoWax – buy
  3. DJ Shadow – Hindsight – Taken from the compilation Preemptive Strike – MoWax / FFRR – buy
  4. DJ Shadow – Duality – Taken from the album Meiso – MoWax – buy
  5. Sufjan Stevens – Die Happy – Taken from the album The Ascension – Asthmatic Kitty – buy
  6. Fugue – Contrapoint – Likemind – buy
  7. Rowpieces – Everything Is Fine – Good Looking Records – buy
  8. PHD & MC Conrad – Prescence – Ascendant Grooves – buy
  9. Dillinja – Total Recall – Test – buy
  10. Cliff Martinez – The West End – Taken from the Traffic OST – TVT Soundtracks – buy
  11. Vangelis – Memories Of Green – Taken from the Bladerunner OST – Eastwest – buy
  12. Malibu – Lost At Sea – Taken from the EP One Life – Joyful Noise – buy
  13. Endless Melancholy – Caught In a Memory – taken from the album Perception Of Everything – Sound In Silence – buy
  14. Sharon Van Etten – Hands – Taken from the album Remind Me Tomorrow – jagjaguwar – buy
  15. Cliff Martinez – My Name On a Car – Taken from the Drive OST – Sony – buy
  16. Dopplereffekt – Gestalt Intelligence – Taken from the album Cellular Automata – Leisure System – buy
  17. Robert Owens & Photek – Things That Make You Feel Good (Club Mix) – Amato International – buy
  18. Brian Eno & David Byrne – Strange Overtones – Taken from the album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today – Todomundo – buy
  19. Hareton Salvanini – Só – taken from the album S.P.73 – Continental – buy
  20. Astrud Gilberto – Once I Loved – taken from The Astrud Gilberto Album – Verve – buy

I’ve been into DJ Shadow since the release of Endtroducing in 1996, but it’s never felt as though it would fit anywhere in a previous podcast; however, I’ve attempted it here – rather than take something from that hugely successful album, I’ve taken a trio of tracks from a single released two years prior to Endtroducing, the Preemptive Strike compilation, which was initially only available as an import in the UK, and lastly Meiso, (A DJ Krush album for which he appeared as a guest)…..

After that we go straight into brand new music from Sufjan Stevens, who has returned this year with a real left-turn from his previous album – Die Happy is a full on electro track with a pretty emotional vocal hook…

Fugue, by Contrapoint, is one of those mid-nineties detroit techno records which now changes hands for a serious sum of cash. There are rumours that it’ll be repressed but that hasn’t materialised yet…Good luck finding a copy!

After that we hit a trio of classic drum & bass vinyls, two from the Good Looking camp, and then a curious anomaly from Dillinja’s back catalogue – I always thought the drum programming here was pretty unusual compared to everything he’d done before and since. Discogs lists it as a Lemon D single but there’s no such marking on the vinyl, and Juno listed it as Dillinja so that’s the artist I’m going with!

We then move into material more common with the podcast, a nice array of ambient music and film scores.

Last month I stumbled across a Photek record I didn’t already own! It seems ridiculous, but this one, a collaboration with the wonderful Robert Owens, was released somewhere after Solaris and before his Photek Productions label kicked in – and completely passed me by. It’s a cool slice of house music which sits nicely alongside the owens-collaborations from Solaris. Photek later re-worked the vocals on the Form & Function volume II track Things, which is, without doubt my favourite track from that album.

We conclude this month’s podcast with a pair of heart-breaking Brazilian bossa-nova songs, from Hareton Salvanini and then Astrud Gilberto – both hugely moving and epic pieces of music from the late 60s / early 70s – a magical era for Bossa Nova music, which is fast becoming my genre of choice.

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