Session 071 June 2022 – Piano Special

I am a big fan of the piano, but, to be fair, it’s a pretty ubiquitous instrument, and I can’t think of a style of music that hasn’t employed it at least once.

This mix attempts to encompass any music featuring piano from the last sixty years. The opening track was released in 1962, and this mix runs right the way up the present day.

Title: Session 071 June 2022
Duration: 01:06:28
File Size: 137.2 MB


  1. Nat King Cole – Let There Be Love – Capitol Records
  2. Joni Mitchell – My Old Man – taken from the album BlueBuy
  3. Ben Folds – Landed – taken from the album Songs For The SilvermanBuy
  4. Felbm – Filatelie – taken from the album Tape 3/Tape 4Buy
  5. Clutchy Hopkins – Sound Of The Ghost – taken from the album Walking SdrawkcabBuy
  6. Grouper – Clearing – taken from the album RuinsBuy
  7. Felbm – Veluwe – taken from the album Tape 3/Tape 4Buy
  8. Robert Haigh – Painted Serpent – taken from the album Black SarabandeBuy
  9. Raum – Event Of Your Leaving – taken from the album Event Of Your LeavingBuy
  10. Felbm – Beaufort – taken from the album Tape 3/Tape 4Buy
  11. Robert Haigh – Ghosts Of Blacker Dyke – taken from the album Black SarabandeBuy
  12. Angelo Badalamenti – Don’t Do Anything I Wouldn’t Do – taken from the Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack – Buy
  13. Alice Coltrane – Turiya & Ranakrishna – taken from the album Ptah The El DaoudBuy
  14. Goldmund – Brown Creek – taken from the album Famous PlacesBuy
  15. Helios – In Everything Was Given – taken from the album Moiety – Buy
  16. Thomas Newman – Fellar – taken from the Road To Perdition SoundtrackBuy
  17. Bibio – Capel Bethania – taken from the album Phantom Brickworks – Warp Records – Buy
  18. The Caretaker – Autumn Equinox – taken from the album Everywhere At The End Of TimeBuy


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