Session 033 September 2012

This month, I’ve received some exciting new music from Karen Cinema, and an exclusive track from KGB Lawyer, who’s new album will be released later this year.

This month’s episode also includes a couple of tracks released exclusively for Record Store Day 2012, from Foster The People, and Sigur Ros, which I picked up at Acorn Music in Yeovil, where I used to buy all of my excellent vinyl.

It’s also worth mentioning that this podcast contains tracks from Helios‘ new album Moeity, which he very kindly gave away for free. I highly recommend checking it out, here.

Title: Session 033 September 2012
Duration: 00:54:53
Encoding: MP3 192 kbps
File Size: 75.5 MB


1. Peter Broderick – Human Eyeballs On Toast
2. Twin Shadow – Run My Heart
3. The Drums – Money
4. Karen Cinema – Flicker
5. Helios – Your Zenith / Camera Obscura – You Told A Lie (Overdubs)
6. Camera Obscura – Away With Murder
7. Helios – Nature People
8. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – How Close Your Soul
9. Karen Cinema – Fallen So Far
10. Peter Broderick – Guilt’s Tune
11. Bibio – Mr & Mrs Compost
12. Luke Vibert – Sharp A2
13. Sigur Ros – Ekki Mukk
14. M83 – You, Appearing
15. KGB Lawyer – Old Berlin
16. Foster The People – Ruby


About bobbykins

Tea-drinking, olive-munching electronic music enthusiast from the United Kingdom.
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