Blick – Future Jazz Volume 1

Blick is a guy who produces some of the most impressive mixtapes; To be honest, they are far better than my own. A couple of days ago, he posted a new mix entitled Future Jazz; This is his take on it:

This is a mix i’ve been working on for a couple of months now and to tell you the truth it’s been a struggle i must have gone through a couple of hundred tracks trying to put this together and i’m still not 100% happy with it but i think you get to the stage where you get a bit jaded working on the same mix all the time so i just decided to do this post it up and move on to something else.

That’s not to say it’s a bad mix, it just didn’t flow or sound the same as i imagined it would in my head (don’t know if that makes sense or not) anyway as always i’ll leave it up to you lot to tell me what you think.

I was reading a thread the other day where someone asked people who do mixes of different genres which they thought was the hardest to mix (the discussion was more about tempo than anything else really) and i was thinking for me personally that i don’t have a problem with what the tempo is more that you have to think and mix differently for each genre (don’t know if that makes sense either but there you go) i do know which genre “Mix” takes the longest to put together for me (despite how long i’ve spent on this one) and those are the 80’s 90’s soul & funk ones i did which is probably why i didn’t get a single one done last year. There will be some coming this year though i just can’t say when.

Right on to THIS mix.

This mix has some beautys on it which might explain why it took so long to do. When you refuse to leave out a bunch of tracks that don’t work all that well with each other then you know you’re in trouble when it comes to putting it all together.

As usual i’ll pick out a couple of tracks to say a few words about and the first one is,

The last track on this mix i have to give a mention to because i picked it up on my last trip home to Bristol in a charity shop for a quid. It was just a white label with “Loungy House Type Thing” written on it. Being a charity shop i couldn’t listen to it but i thought “Well it’s only a quid” so i bought it and i’m glad i did i loves this and i’ll be using the other mix of it in a future vol.

The Ronny Jordan one is a great blast from the past and is a really nice version of this Miles Davis classic.

I obviously love all the tracks on this mix but “Kyoto Jazz Massive – Eclipse” i love slighty more than the rest and the one that follows it “The Quiet Boys – Astral Space” as well.

Vibraphonic’s “Lonnie’s Legacy” can only be a tribute to Lonnie Liston Smith and quite a fitting one it is too.

Just one more to mention and that is, “Chaser – Blue Planet” which is the track that got me started on doing this mix in the firat place and the reason for that is the only mix i’ve got with this on it is one where my old deck was on it’s last legs and would occasionally speed up and slow down all on it’s own  needless to say it did it so much on this track that it’s impossible to listen to that mix.

Well, I’ve listened to it and it’s a very impressive, lovely mix. The selection of music is first class and the pace and transitions between each track are faultless. It’s a truly superb selection, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Here’s the track Listing:

Future Jazz Volume 1 – 85:19 mins – 320 kbps

00:00 – St Germain – Rose Rouge – 2000
06:06 – Atjazz – Mess Up – 1999
10:10 – Ape – Tempos Atraz (Times Before) – 1997
14:53 – LTJ Bukem – Journey Inwards – 2000
19:28 – MAW – MAW Beats – 1998
20:46 – Balanco – Metti Una Sera A Cena – 1999
26:05 – Ronny Jordan – So What (Dance Mix) – 1992
30:14 – Marschmellows – Soulpower (Jazzanova Remix) – 1998
35:18 – Makoto – Think Twice – 2001
41:30 – Kyoto Jazz Massive – Eclipse – 2000
48:56 – The Quiet Boys – Astral Space – 1994
54:20 – Attaboy – Busted Wagon – 1999
61:40 – Chaser – Blue Planet – 1999
67:42 – Matizz – Red Sand – 2003
72:57 – Vibraphonic – Lonnie’s Legacy – 1993
77:20 – Steal Vybe – Gloria – 2004

All of blick’s mixes can be found at this link:

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