Mr Projectile is coming back…

Mr Projectile aka Matt Arnold is a producer from the US who produces fairly experimental yet musically rich electronic music. His back catalogue is unbelievably hard to get hold of, therefore I thought that it would be worth mentioning that he’s confirmed, through his Semisexual Records website, the following:

Feb 10th: A new mr. projectile album is about to be released as well as a supporting tour of the U.S.  More info to come.

Quite what form the new album will take is difficult to say but I would suggest it’s worth keeping an eye out for the material in physical form because it tends to be released in scarse quantities, and has proven to be very hard to source after-the-event.

It would seem that some of his songs are available to listen to through the superb website, so here’s a little selection of highlights from the Mr Projectile back catalogue, to whet your appetite, as it were:

Mr Projectile – Flying Sounds – listen – From the album “The Last Summer” – can’t find a link sorry
Mr Projectile – You Need – listen – From the album “Sinking” – purchase from Juno Download
Mr Projectile – Bypass – listen – From the album “Pug Times” – purchase from toytronik

Links – Semisexual Label – Mr Projectile on – Mr Projectile Discography

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