Blu Mar Ten’s new single – Close / Above Words


The single "Close"; Released today on vinyl or digital download.

So, the Camden trio have returned to their drum & bass roots; It’s fair to say that drum & bass has gone through a bit of a renaissance in recent months, and this release has been perfectly timed to compliment that….

Starting with “Close”, which wouldn’t sound out of place on Virus; it’s harsh, distorted, heavily processed pulp fiction / model 500 break slaps you pretty hard in the face, before the angry, growling bassline kicks in…designed specifically with the dancefloor in mind, and clearly working, with DJ support from the likes of  Marky, Ed Rush, Utah Jazz, Logistics, D Bridge, Instra:mental, Data, Ink, London Elektricity, Nerm & D-Kode, Annie Nightingale, Crissy Criss, Mosus, Furney, SPY, A Sides, Tom Middleton, ASC, Kubiks & Lomax, Marcus Intalex, John B, Alleycat, Big Bud and many others….

“Above Words” is classic, meloncholy bmt at their best; production standards at an all time high, and intricate electronic beat programming that wouldn’t sound out-of-place on the next Instra:Mental single; but the swirling melodies and ultra-clean reece bassline probably push them just that bit beyond other producers in the scene.

Finally, they decided to test the waters with the digital-only exclusive track, “If I could Tell You”.  Assumably considered the wildcard of the release,  beautiful pads and arpeggios kick the track off before the stabbing synth bassline hooks you straight in; Perfectly placed male vocals add a lot of emotion to the track, and half-stepping electronic drums, mixed with some expertly timed tablas really highlight the trio’s precise attention to detail. A truly original, fresh drum & bass track.

If this is merely a taster of what the forthcoming all drum & bass album from BMT is going to sound like, then we are surely in for a treat; the vast amount of man hours that must have gone into writing these tracks are so obvious when you listen to a release like this; this is the sort of release that should make most rookie bedroom producers wonder what on earth they’re doing even trying to compete!!!…

Buy “Close” on vinyl from any of the following outlets:
Breakbeat Science

..or buy the 3-track digital release, from:
Digital Tunes
Juno Download

Visit the official Blu Mar Ten website:

Listen to the EP in full, at[128k]

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