Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me – New Single

Believe Me

Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me - BMT 002

“Believe Me” is the second single from the forthcoming Blu Mar Ten all-drum-and-bass album.  This single follows the similar dual format as the last, with two tracks on the very limited edition vinyl 12″ with lovely artwork courtesy of ithinkitsnice, and a third bonus track available only as a download.

DJ support has been provided from some of the biggest names in the drum & bass scene: Marky, London Elektricity, Doc Scott, Teebee, Hype, Spectrasoul, Makoto, Apex, SPY, Craggz, DKay, Seba, Loxy, Ink, Lynx, Instra:mental, John B, ASC, Nerm & Dcode, Randomer and many others.

The title track “Believe Me” kicks off with swirling melodies and some no-nonsense punchy drums which wouldn’t sound out of place in the next Commix single , growing slowly before the bassline kicks in…. Some lovely Steve Reich-style chimes kick in shortly before the vocal from a long-deceased pop star appears, giving the track it’s title and a memorable hook.

The AA Site, “Made Of Air”, has the classic Blu Mar Ten sound, reminiscent of their highly-detailed work on the Everglades EP from a long time ago… The listener is immediately bombarded with tons & tons of sounds & textures from the very start. A dusty piano gives the track a real cinematic edge, and the general tone and atmosphere of the track really highlights the fact that these chaps have spent many years forging their own unique sound.

As per the last single, they decide to make the best track, “Overwhelm” a download-only exclusive. The track draws you from the very beginning with a beautiful keyboard line & crisp electronic drums, before a bassline reminiscent of their excellent “2046” rumbles it’s way into your subconscious.

A genuinely interesting single that further blurs the distinction between drum & bass & electronic music in it’s purest form. Well worth checking out.

The single “Believe Me” was released on 13th July 2009 and is available in physical or digital formats from the following outlets:

Juno Records
Red Eye Records
Chemical Records
Drum & Bass Arena

Visit the official Blu Mar Ten website:

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