Next Blu Mar Ten Album Title Announced

The next Blu Mar Ten Album

The next Blu Mar Ten Album - Natural History

The title of the third album from Blu Mar Ten was announced this morning as “Natural History”. The title was announced earlier today by one of the members of the trio, together with some very nice, contemporary artwork courtesy of ithinkitsnice, who has recently provided artwork for Bop‘s debut album on Medschool.

In a stark contrast to their previous albums, The Six Million Names Of God and Blackwater, “Natural History” is going to be an all-drum & bass album. I’ve always thought that drum & bass albums rarely work, so it’ll be interesting to hear what they’ve come up with; to be fair, Seba’s Return To Forever was a truly excellent example of a good, solid album of drum & bass; almost a blueprint for how it should be done.

Rumours suggest that “Natural History” will be dropping around October / November, on their own Blu Mar Ten imprint.

– Official Site – Official Myspace Page – Official page of graphic designer ithinkitsnice

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