Adam Curtis – It Felt Like a Kiss

It Felt Like a Kiss

It Felt Like a Kiss is an experimental film by the British documentary maker Adam Curtis, the man behind The Century Of The Self, The power of Nightmares, and The Trap.

Curtis’ documentaries often have a paranoid sub-texture coupled with a superb soundtrack. His technique of using archive footage and eerie soundtracks appeals to me, because it seems to be the logical extension of how a lot of my favourite musicians work with samplers, but with the added angle of sampling not only sound but also video footage.

Rumour has it that, initially, the project was presented in the form of a walkthrough experience in a five-storey building. It’s hard to fathom just what that could have been like, but if the film is anything to go by, it was probably both puzzling & genuinely frightening at the same time.

Click here to watch the film in full.

Links – Adam Curtis Wikipedia Page – Adam Curtis Blog – A review of the Walkthrough Experience

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