The Return Of Drum & Bass Pioneer Alex Reece

Alex Reece

Last year, I stumbled across some rare, unreleased Alex Reece material, which re-ignited my love for his music….

Alex Reece was arguably one of the first stars of drum & bass to break through during the 1990s….starting his career under the name Fallen Angels, he later released seminal singles for Goldie’s Metalheadz imprint (including the ground-breaking Pulp Fiction), before signing to Island Records and releasing a series of well received singles (Feel The Sunshine, and Candles), followed by his debut album, So Far, back in 1996.

At around the same time, he started his own Al’s Records imprint, featuring the excellent singles Touch Me, Street Player and New York, followed by a compilation in 1997.

This era saw Alex win some high profile remix work, highlights including Neneh Cherry, Kenny Larkin, and Underworld.

Rumours of a second album for Island were rumoured around 1998, but never materialised, apart from a highly-elusive single, Vicious Circles.

1999 saw the release of the much-overlooked Fallen Angels album, followed by a number of singles on the Fallen Angels 21 imprint, however, from 2002, the trail went cold….

That is, until a few days ago, when a number of keen fans stumbled across a new, seemingly official website,, containing new music.

As you would expect, Alex appears to have a complete disregard for what’s going on in drum & bass at the moment, and is clearly making the same quirkly, off-the-wall jazzy style that he’s known & loved for.

There is no official word as to if/when new music will be released, but it’s reassuring to know that Alex is still making drum & bass, and that it still sounds fresh….

Links – Official Site of Alex Reece, containing new music – Full Discography – Alex Reece Wikipedia Page

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