KGB Lawyer Announces Debut Album On Goodluckbadluck Label

KGB Lawyer

KGB Lawyer

September’s edition of the sessions podcast featured a new track by KGB Lawyer, titled Old Berlin

KGB Lawyer is a new project from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Matule, the mastermind behind numerous music projects, including Badmammal, The Gimps, and Suicider.

The inspiration for Songs of Paranoia and Contentment comes directly from the cold-war era; a time of extreme paranoia; this theme gives the album and fun and humerous edge, with tracks like Cut Me Into Pieces, which actually has an almost lounge like quality, whilst the lyrics, which explain that they wanna lock me up for twelve years / cut me into pieces, would make anyone nervous!

Don’t Run Away, with it’s slap bass and funky guitar, is almost perfect love-making music, in which the narrator unnerving tells his lady to stop trying to run away !!

The closing track, Old Berlin, which originally started life as a song from Chris’ side project The Gimps, is like a vintage David Bowie track that never was, with an excellent piano & guitar melody that sticks in your mind, accompanied by nice, subtle horns.

Overall, this is an engaging, and impressive debut album from KGB Lawyer.

You can check out a preview of the entire album, below:


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