Session 068 March 2022

So, this is the first mixtape of 2022, and it’s pretty broad, as always.

After a brief musical interval from a film to open the mix, I’ve kicked off with some classic jungle from Primary Source. This record has a lot of significance for me because I first heard it on a pirate radio show in 1994, played by Chaos & Julia Set, and I guess I was barely a year into jungle music, at the time; this one, in particular, has a very nice edit of the well-known Apache break.

The Twin Peaks Archive has some amazing material from Angelo Badalamenti, some of it taken from the film Fire Walk With Me, which is one of my favourite David Lynch movies. This collection of cues from the series & film seems to have vanished from the internet; I guess I was lucky to snap it up when it was available.

Later we find the brilliant “Bare” from Dustmite & Kuru, part of the future garage sound that seems to have stalled, a little. This was used in the excellent Photek DJ Kicks mix from around 2012, but it’s taken me ages to find the digital of this individual track.

There’s a dash of film scores and ambient music from out of Japan, courtesy of Kenji Kawai, followed later by Hiroshi Yoshimura. These have been very difficult to track down, but since the introduction of Spotify, I feel that it’s my duty to dig a bit deeper for music that’s not so widely available.

I end the mix with a duo of pretty loud, unapologetic, emo-metal tracks from Placebo, followed by Savages. This is obviously a bit of a diversion from what I normally select for this podcast, but I like to keep you on your toes!

Title: Session 068 March 2022
Duration: 01:14:40
File Size: 173 MB


  1. Audio excerpt from the film Une Femme Et Une Femme
  2. Primary Source – Doors & Stones – taken from the Everyone’s a Gangster EP – Reinforced – Buy
  3. Robert Graff – There Is No Moon Tonight – taken from The Sherbs EP – Moot Point – Buy
  4. Telefon Tel Aviv – Arms Aloft – taken from the album Dreams Are Not Enough – Ghostly – Buy
  5. Dustmite & Kuru – Bare – DJ Kicks – Buy
  6. Nerv – Parallel Heart – taken from the compilation Per Ardua II – Context Audio – Buy
  7. Akuratyde – Home Videos (Wardown Remix) – BMTM – Buy
  8. Julia Holter – Words I Heard – taken from the album Aviary – Domino – Buy
  9. Angelo Badalamenti – Sycamore Trees (Instrumental) – taken from the album Twin Peaks Archive – Unavailable
  10. Source Direct – Snake Style – Source Direct – Buy
  11. Kenji Kawai – Narcotic – Taken from the soundtrack to Dark Water – Unavailable
  12. Raum – Event Of Your Leaving – taken from the EP Event Of Your Leaving – Glass House – Buy
  13. Bonobo – Know You – taken from the album The North Borders – Ninja Tune – Buy
  14. Hiroshi Yoshimura – Time After Time – taken from the album Soundscape 1: Surround – Unavailable
  15. Hareton Salvanini – Prelúdio Em Si Bemol Menor – taken from the album SP 73 – Mr Bongo – Buy
  16. Main Source Feat. Nas, Joe Fatal & Akinyele – Live at the Barbeque – taken from the compilation Wild Pitch Classics – Wild Pitch – Buy
  17. Bibio – Vidiconia I – Warp – Buy
  18. Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul – Thank You (Instrumental) – DeeWee – Buy
  19. Placebo – Taste In Men – taken from the album Black Market Music – Elevator – Buy
  20. Savages – Surrender – taken from the album Adore Life – Matador – Buy


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