Music V2 Has Gone – Some Mixtapes May Be Unavailable…

So, unfortunately, the excellent mixtape hosting website MusicV2 seems to have gone, for good. This is the statement posted on their homepage:

Musicv2 has always operated on a minimal or no profit basis and has been run as a “community project”. Over the last year revenues fell over 60% and the site began to steadily lose money. We tried everything we could from finding investors, setting up sponsorships and even going to the community to assist in this time. Unfortunately none of those things worked out and it simply became impossible to keep the site online.

I had 25 mixes uploaded to MusicV2, I am now in the process of re-hosting them at a website caled Postbocks. This is the new URL for my mixes:

Much like MusicV2, Postbocks allows both streaming and downloading of all mixtapes. Whether it will provide as much exposure as Music V2 did remains to be seen.

Please note that this doesn’t affect the itunes / podcast service. Hopefully by the end of this week, the mixtapes will be back online, via Postbocks.

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  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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