Did I mention before, that Sleepy Town Manufacture are amazing?

Sleepy Town Manufacture

Sleepy Town Manufacture

So, I’m still actively trawling through the vast Sleepy Town Manufacture back catalogue; You may have recalled from an earlier blog that STM are a collective from Russia, founded in 1999, who make really dreamy, gorgeous ambient music.

…and I mean that, too. I usually find most “ambient” stuff either too weird (99% of IDM), or quite simply boring. Which is precisely why I am so enthusiastic about STM; it’s so melodic, and just lovely, the quality of production in the music is first class; each track sounds so polished, full of emotion, and utterly personal.

The next Sessions Podcast (episode 11) will be available  on Wednesday; Sadly, it was finished before I discovered this STM track, from their album “Inspired By You”. It’s called “Not a Big Deal”, and I happen to believe that it’s truly great; Not a description I give to many songs either, however, I feel, in this instance, that it is fitting.

Find out more about Sleepy Town Manufacture via the following links:


STM’s latest album, a collaboration with Unit21, is avaiable to listen to / purchase via Bandcamp:

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2 Responses to Did I mention before, that Sleepy Town Manufacture are amazing?

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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