New James Devane Material : En

En: Maxwell August Croy & James Devane

James Devane, who’s album of ambient guitar droning loveliness featured heavily in last year’s podcasts (Link | Link | Link), is working on some new material. It’s a collaboration with another musician from San Fransisco named Maxwell August Croy, and will be released on a label called Root Strata.

En is a relatively new duo comprised of San Francisco musicians Maxwell August Croy (Root Strata) and James Devane (Bremsstrahlung). The pair have been hard at work for some time now crafting their debut album, due out on Root Strata later this year. “Mother of Thousands” offers a peak into the duo’s sound, in which all manner of bowed strings are run through various custom processing systems and filters to yield a surging, resplendent ur-drone that is rife with brilliant detail. Be sure to also check out James’ superb debut solo offering, available for free download via the Bremsstrahlung site linked above.

The first fruits from this project have emerged, and the results are really lovely. Maxwell has very kindly uploaded the track Mother Of Thousands to his Soundcloud site:

Links – James Devane’s official site / blog –  Maxwell’s Soundcloud Page – James Devane’s excellent cover of Aphex Twin’s Rhubarb – The label that will be releasing the En material – Home of James’ debut album

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