New James Devane Collaboration Project The Absent Coast

En : The Absent Coast

En : The Absent Coast

As mentioned a few months ago, James Devane, who featured heavily in last year’s podcast episodes, has been working on a new project, En, with Maxwell August Croy. The result is a truly lovely collection of ten soundscapes, which perfectly compliment Devane’s earlier solo work.

En is the duo of San Francisco based multi-instrumentalists Maxwell August Croy and James Devane, and “The Absent Coast” is their debut collection of recordings. The pair utilize a wide range of instrumentation – koto, guitar, vocals, rhodes, melodica, and piano, among other devices – which is processed and refined into rich walls of reverberant bliss . With its hazy atmospherics, microtonal drones and plaintive tones, the album evokes the type of unplaceable nostalgia that accompanies the imaginary landscapes of distant memory. A diverse and carefully considered album, “The Absent Coast” is all soaring peaks, shadowed valleys and expansive plains. Edition of 300 LP’s.

The album is available as a download, or limited edition vinyl, from October 5th 2010.

Buy limited edition vinyl @ Juno Records
Buy the album as download @ BoomKat
Root Strata – Official Site
James Devane – Official Site
Maxwell August Tory – Twitter Feed

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