Photek Productions on YouTube

Photek Productions was the label that emerged shortly after Photek’s final project with Virgin / Science, the sublime techno album, Solaris. Launched in 2000, it has, to date released 13 singles & 1 EP, from the likes of Photek himself, his alias Special Forces, Digital, Teebee, Fabio, and Peshay. The last single, which was the excellent Teebee remix of Ni Ten Ichi Ryu, was released in 2006.

As an obsessive Photek fan, I am slightly concerned that I’m missing five of those fourteen releases. Thankfully, whilst I hunt these down, I can at least check them out via the ever-brilliant YouTube.

I have compiled a youtube playlist that contains each & every track, except for The End (Remix) and Bounce. Every other track is there, in full.

To check it out, simply click the link below:

Photek Productions Discography – The label’s full discography, via the excellent Discogs Website
Photek Discography – The full discography of Photek, across various labels, via the excellent Discogs Website
Photek / Astralwerks – The website created during the release of Solaris
Photek Myspace – Not sure how official it is
Photek Productions – An archived version of the sadly now defunct Photek Productions website
Photek On Spotify – Launch the Photek page on Spotify

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