Can You Identify These Old Detroit House / Techno Tracks?

Back around 1996/1997, I used to listen to a local pirate radio station. Two DJs known as Kane & Dave used to play a house & techno show every week. One particular week, I taped bits of it because it was really good. Anyway, below are clips of two particular tracks that after all these years, I have still not been able to identify. All I can tell you is that the tracks must have been released before 1997.

Please have a listen, and if you have any idea what they might be, please let me know by replying to this post, or via email.

I am hopeful that one day, I will own these tracks!

There were originally three tracks that I was looking to identify, but someone was able to identify the third; it turned out to be “Restless Dub” by Schatrax Discogs Link. Maybe that gives you some idea as to the era we’re talking about.

Update 4th June 2010 23:00
My massive forum-raiding efforts have not been in vane!  After fourteen years of searching, the second track  in this post has been ID’d as being “On The Sly” by Vango Noir. There’s no clips on youtube (other than my video). Here’s the discogs link

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1 Response to Can You Identify These Old Detroit House / Techno Tracks?

  1. Muss says:

    Well, Rob – these seem obscure. The first one still bugging you? The organ stabs are strikingly similar to that on Barbara Tucker’s ‘Stay’, (1994 and 5, the type of stuff they used to play on S/W all the time. It sounds like a 95 track, the sort of stuff Stacey Pullen played back then. He being of Detroit, too…
    Pullen / DJ Pierre. Maybe it’s a Chicago track? I will scour the tracks of the era mate. Gd luck with the silver ones..

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