Mixtape – Cygn – Melodic Detroit Techno Mix

I’m constantly downloading mixtapes, it’s a great way of finding new music. However, it’s rare that I bother listening to a mix more than once. It struck me yesterday that I’ve listened to this mix loads of times, it’s really great.

It’s so hard finding good quality detroit techno, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this mix totally hits the spot in that department; just under an hour of quality music.

Title: Melodic Detroit Techno Mix (October 2006)
Duration: 00:58:23
Encoding: MP3 181kbps (VBR)
File Size: 76MB

Track Listing:
01. We Stand In Crowds – We Owe You (Tribute To The Burrell Brothers) [NYC]
02. Drexciya – Birth Of New Life [Tresor]
03. The Nova Dream Sequence – Dream 4 [Compost]
04. Subway – Journey [Sunday Best]
05. John Beltran – Rain In Shibuya [Ubiquity]
06. Deep Blue – Volcanic [Scale]
07. Aril Brikha – Ride [Transmat]
08. Carl Craig – Sparkle [Rushhour]
09. Carl Craig – Butterfly [SSR]
10. Nubian Minds – Red Sky [Delsin]
11. 69 (Carl Craig) – Desire [R&S]
12. Paperclip People – Remake (Basic Reshape) [Basic Channel]
13. Rekid – Lost Star [Soul Jazz]
14. Aardvarck – Cult Copy [Rushhour]

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