Mixtape – Willysmalls on the 62

I’ve been listening to this mix a lot recently – really feeling the more obscure, minimal deep house music sound right now. This is a perfect mix to represent that sound:

Title: WillieSmalls presents On The 62
Duration: 80 MINS
Encoding: 320kbps
File Size:
182 MBS

Track Listing:
01. Introduction
02. Baby Ford – Built In (Force Inc. Music Works)
03. Mr. Fingers – Waterfall (Alleviation)
04. Fred P – Project 02 (Underground Quality)
05. Anton Zap – PM Please (Underground Quality)
06. Joaquin “Joe” Clausell – Eno (Demo) (Sacred Rhythm Music)
07. Scott Grooves – Solo Beat (Modified Suede Recordings)
08. Roman IV – Cairo (Playhouse)
09. Omar S – Groove On (FXHE)
10. Warp Dub Sound System – Night Places Darkness Upon The Earth (Prescription)
11. Red X presents When Worlds Collide – Dee’s Knots (Ricanstruction)
12. Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits (KDJ)
13. The Lower East Side Pipes – Disorganized Corruption (Sacred Rhythm Music)
14. Jitterbug – Speakers Corner (Uzuri)
15. M. Pittman – Dirty (FXHE)
16. Chromeo – Tough Guys (WillieSmalls’ Enlarged Edit)
17. Moodymann – Dem Young Sconies (Planet E)
18. Kyle Hall – Dunk Jiggla (Wild Oats)
19. M. Pittman – Obsession (FXHE)
20. Omar S – Simple Than Sorry (Phaser Mix) (FXHE)
21. Levon Vincent – Six Figures (Bonus Beats) (Novel Sound)


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Tea-drinking, olive-munching electronic music enthusiast from the United Kingdom.
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