Karen Cinema releases debut album Into The Moon

Into The Moon is the debut album by London based singer-songwriter Karen Cinema. This is an album swamped in atmosphere and tension, amidst lush melodies and textures, topped off by Karen’s excellent vocal harmonies.

The opening song Drifting sounds like a modern-day Cocteau Twins piece, with Karen’s complex vocal arrangements complimented by luscious guitars, saxophone and subtle synthesizers drenched in bucket-loads of shimmering reverb.

The song Flicker is a master-class in film-score atmospherics;  with it’s mournful pads, double bass, piano, and some outstanding saxophone playing, it immediately calls to mind the scores of Thomas Newman or even Angelo Badalamenti; The choice of synthesizers are reminiscent of the closing chapters of Photek’s ground-breaking Solaris album.

The song Fallen So Far sounds like it could have come from a Fleetwood Mac album, with it’s driving bassline and beautiful, lilting guitar riffs, which blend effortlessly with Karen’s unusual and enchanting vocal harmonies.

Photograph courtesy of Carole Evans www.caroleevans.co.uk

Later tracks such as the more poppy and upbeat It’s a Cruel World reflect the artist’s diverse range of influences, and gives the album itself a nice lift from it’s more sombre moments.

The album Into The Moon by Karen Cinema was released on 25th June 2012, and is available to buy via itunes and most other online music retailers.

Home: www.karencinema.com

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    Great write up!!

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