Session 066 November 2021

When I first started collecting records, it was because of an interest in early hardcore stuff from around 1991 / 1992.

Not long after that, I switched to jungle / drum & bass, which was pretty ground-breaking around the mid-nineties. This mix, like the one I did three years ago, is dedicated to the more ethereal, atmospheric sound championed by DJs like LTJ Bukem; however, I’ve tried to avoid the Good Looking back catalogue here, as it’s a well trodden path; there were plenty of other labels and artists with their own take on that sound – so here’s a second mix to celebrate more of those unsung heroes of atmospheric drum & bass…

Title: Session 066 November 2021
Duration: 00:54:41
File Size: 125 MB


  1. The Beloved – The Sun Rising (Tom Middleton’s Drum & Bass Mix) – Eastwest – buy
  2. Essence Of Aura – So This Is Love – Moving Shadow – buy
  3. Source Direct – Fabric Of Space – Source Direct – Buy
  4. Forme – New Element – Mowax – Buy
  5. Smoke City – Underwater Love (Voyager Remix) – Jive – Buy
  6. Cloud 9 – Teach Me To Fly – Moving Shadow – Buy
  7. Kudos – Soul Searching – Moving Shadow – Buy
  8. Code Blue – Angels In Dub (DJ Crystl Remix) – Deejay Recordings – Buy
  9. Mandalay – Flowers Bloom (PFM’s Secret Lover Remix) – V2 – Buy
  10. Futurebound – The Ephemeris – Timeless Recordings- Buy
  11. Seba – Nostalgia – Secret Operations – Buy


About bobbykins

Tea-drinking, olive-munching electronic music enthusiast from the United Kingdom.
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1 Response to Session 066 November 2021

  1. Dan says:

    Nice selection of tunes on this mix. Many of them personals in my collection too, similar tastes in music….
    Fabric of Space is outstanding!

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