KGB Lawyer returns with new album Maniac #2

KGB Lawyer - Maniac #2

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across an excellent, self-released albumSongs of Paranoia and Contentment  by KGB Lawyer; It was an impressive collection of joyous indie-pop songs with a spattering of what can only be described as slightly disturbing (!) lyrical content. The talk of electronic threats, wishing neighbours were dead, and cutting people into pieces have been whirring around in my brain ever since..

I’m pleased to report that the long-awaited follow up album, Maniac #2, is finally here!… Here’s a few words from the man himself:

KGB Lawyer’s second album features eight new Pop/Rock songs tackling such themes as dating with dissociative disorders, gangstalking, government spying technology, paranoia in housing complexes, Soviet government employment, DDR, and kidnapping

It’s a superb addition to the KGB Lawyer back catalogue; a wonderful pastiche of the some of the most influential British bands such as The Cure, and the Smiths, twisted and transformed into an impressive collection of tantalisingly well-crafted pop songs, as only KGB Lawyer can…

Below is a preview of the full album:

Track Listing
1. Privet
2. Dating
3. Gangstalking
4. Voice to Skull
5. Stay Away From the Street
6. Never Too Late
7. Running Prisons
8. Who Would Want to Rule the World?
9. Dreaming of China
10. Do Svidaniya

Last month saw the premier of KGB Lawyer’s first video, for the highly infectious Never Too Late, a firm favourite track from the new album…The crazy video is a psychedelic mix of  surreal costumes and vintage soviet-era television…Putin will be outraged when he sees this!!

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