Session 049 December 2017


An eclectic mix of the finest ambient, house, techno and drum & bass music. Hope you enjoy it.

The first track, a demo version of the Bibio & Goyte collaboration The Way You Talk was previously available on soundcloud, but is no longer available – however I have included a link to the full album, which is wonderful.

Title: Session 049 December 2017
Duration: 01:09:05
File Size: 94.9 MB

Track Listing:

  1. Bibio & Gotye – The Way You Talk (Demo Version – a reworked version appears on the album A Mineral Love) – Warp Records – Buy
  2. Wild Beasts – Burning (Taken from the album Smother) – Domino – Buy
  3. Synkro – Transition (Taken from the compilation Disquiet Vol.1) – Unseen – Buy
  4. Pessimist – Bloom (Taken from the album Pessimist) – Blackest Ever Black – Buy
  5. King Moot – The Elmhaart Treaty (Taken from the forthcoming album It Just Fell) – Moot Point – Buy
  6. Abel Mogard – Staring At The Sweeps Of The Desert (Taken from the album Works) – Ecstatic Recordings –  Buy
  7. Telefon Tel Aviv – Something Akin To Lust (Taken from the compilation Territories) – 79 Ancestors – Buy
  8. Shedbug – Aftermath (Taken from the Afterglow EP) – Flux – Buy
  9. Lawrence Guy – Wichita Falls (Taken from the album Saw You For The First Time) – Church – Buy
  10. Seba & Ulrich Schnauss – M7 (Taken from the Snoflingor EP) – BMTM – Buy
  11. Seba – Cloudless – Secret Operations – Buy
  12. Sir Was – Revoke (Taken from the album Digging a Tunnel) – City Slang – Buy
  13. ASC – The Promise In Your Lies (Taken from the album No Stars Without Darkness)Silent Season – Buy
  14. Burial & Four Tet – Moth – Text – Buy
  15. Bibio – Raxeira (Excerpt, taken from the album A Mineral Love) – Warp –Buy



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Session 048 August 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 12.09.20

Title: Session 048 August 2017
Duration: 00:59:19
File Size: 85.4 MB Download

King Moot is a music project I’ve been working on. The single, which features on this podcast, came out 1st August. The debut album comes out on 1st September 2017.

Track Listing:

01. King Moot – Crushed Elms – Moot Point  – Free Download
02. Deru – Let The Silence Float (Taken from the album 1979) – Friends Of Friends – Buy
03. Manual – Crystal Pier (Taken from the album Intelligent Toys 2) – Free Download
04. Victrola – Maritime Tatami – Strut – Buy
05. Jane Weaver – Slow Motion (Taken from the album Modern Kosmology) – Fire Records – Buy
06. Kate Bush – Little Light (Taken from the album Before The Dawn) – Fish People – Buy
07. In Love With a Ghost – we’ve never met but, can we have a coffee or something (Taken from the EP Let’s Go) – Bandcamp – Buy
08. Joni Mitchell – My Old Man (Taken from the album Blue) – Buy
09. Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home (Taken from the album Have You In My Wilderness) – Buy
10. Galaktlan – Personal Space (Taken from the album Draumar Um Kalt Sumar) – Sutemos – Free Download
11. Frederic Robinson – Shut (Taken from the album Mixed Signals) – BMTM – Buy
12. Kara Lis Coverdale – Grafts (Excerpt) – Boomkat – Buy
13. Begin – Elate – Bandcamp Buy
14. Feist Feat. Jarvis Cocker – Century (Taken from the album Pleasure) – Buy
15. King Moot – The Parma Directive – Moot Point  – Free Download

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Session 047 May 2017


Title: Session 047 May 2017
Duration: 01:12:05
File Size: 130.8 MB Download

This month’s podcast has a vast range of music, and I thought, for a change, I’d write a bit about how each song ended up in this episode…

1. Wax Stag – The Greatest Grace (Taken from the album ii) – Old Habits Buy

This album has been out for a while, and over time, I’ve become more & more obsessed with it. Although it’s mostly comprised entirely of synthesizers, it’s so strong musically that it probably wouldn’t have mattered what it was composed with. This particular track starts off a little strange but builds to a beautiful crescendo.  I cannot stop listening to this at the moment.

2.  Grant – Hommage – GRANT001 – Buy

Following releases for The Lauren Bacall and Merck, Grant has launched his own imprint. This first EP contains four very strong deep house tracks; it was hard to pick a favourite, but “Hommage” has a great vocal, so I went with it. This has sold out everywhere from what I can see.

3. Gigi Masin – Stella Maris (Taken from the compilation Talk To The Sea) – Music From Memory Buy

This compilation of Gigi Masin from a body of work spanning the 80s and 90s showcases a great selection of music from the Italian master of the keyboards. It’s a pretty timeless collection. Well worth tracking down.

4. Boards Of Canada – Split Your Infinities (Taken from the album All Tomorrow’s Harvest) – Warp Buy

Like a lot of people, my friends got into BoC when the Music Has The Right To Children album came out. I always found that album a bit too “stoner” for my tastes; however, All Tomorrow’s Harvest is like a very high-concept 80s sci-fi soundtrack; the whole album is just a lot stronger, and I particularly love this track.

5. Comit – Contact High – Old Habits Buy

Comit is a pseudonym of ASC, long time atmospheric drum & bass producer, who has in more recent years, moved on to produce fantastic ambient and techno material. The nice synth work reminds me a little of the classic At Les by Carl Craig, one of my favourite techno records from many moons ago.

6. Dold – Dispens (Taken from the album Gryning) – Intimate Silence Buy

A lovely piece of beatless, synth-pad ambience from a criminally under-rated Swedish producer.

7. Eluvium – Windmills (Taken from the compilation Disquiet Volume 1) – Unseen Music Buy

I could have really picked any song from this fabulous compilation, which was released recently on Keith Kenniff’s (aka Helios) label Unseen. All proceeds from the sale of this compilation are being donated to non-profit organizations that support the environment, investigative journalism, women and minorities.

8. Shane Carruth – As if It Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending (Taken from the soundtrack to the film Upstream Color) – ERPB – Buy

I am pretty obsessed with this soundtrack; I don’t think it’s left my ipod since I first heard it approximately 2 years ago. You’re likely to hear more from it in future podcasts.

9. ASC – The Sounding Furrows (Taken from the album Fervent Dream) – Silent Season Buy

I am hurriedly trying to catch up with ASCs prolific output from the last few years, and this album in particular struck a chord with me. Another lovely, beatless, atmospheric piece.

10. Etherwood – Caption – Med School (Taken from the album Blue Leaves) – Med School Buy

Etherwood is a very talented drum & bass producer, with a great ear for melody and also, a pretty good voice. This is my favourite track from his 2nd Album, Blue Leaves.

11. Blu Mar Ten – Delerium (feat. Kite) (Taken from the album Empire State) – BMTM Buy

Blu Mar Ten are now twenty years into the game; Empire State is their fourth drum & bass album, and for me, it’s their best yet. The tracks with Kite, in particular, are all magnificent.

12. Bop – So Unloved (Taken from Not Your Cup Of Tea EP) – Med School Buy

Russia’s premier drum & bass producer is back with a new EP on Med School which is pretty exquisite…and a bit of a growler. I particularly liked the melody in this one.

13. Ruxpin – Too Much (Taken from the compilation Intelligent Toys 2) – Sutemos Free Download

This is quite an old track which I picked up via another podcast fairly recently. It’s from a Lithuanian label. Nice electronic synth work. The entire compilation has almost vanished from the internet, but the link above worked when I last tried it. Grab it while you still can.

14. Wild Beasts – New Life (Taken from the album Present Tense) – Domino Buy

I like Wild Beasts in particular because they have two lead singers. Hayden takes the back seat on this one, to allow Tom to front it. I especially like the pads and arrangement in this one.

15. The Duke Spirit – Serenade (Taken from Serenade EP) – Exvoto Records Buy

The Duke Spirit follow up their 2016 Kin album with an EP of all new songs. Nice growling synths and vocal harmonies; Sleek and sexy synth pop.

16. Woman’s Hour – The Day That Needs Defending (Taken from the album Conversations) – Secretly Canadian – Buy

I’ve been listening to this album constantly since it was released, and we saw them perform in Bristol at the time it came out. Rumour has it, they are back in the studio writing the follow up to Conversations at the moment.

17. Grouper – Headache (Taken from the single Paradise Valley) – Kranky Buy

This is the first glimpse of new music from Grouper post the fantastic Ruins album. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you again how obsessed I am with Ruins, but if you haven’t heard Ruins, you really ought to drop whatever you’re doing and listen to it immediately.



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Session 046 November 2016

Hello. It seemed like the right time to push another podcast out. This one has quite a bit of piano in it. The finest of instruments, I rate it above the guitar, and I think it’ll outlive it.

Title: Session 046 November 2016
Duration: 00:55:32
File Size: 76.2 MB

1. Shane Carruth – A Sullen Rush and Roar – Taken from the Upstream Color Motion Picture Soundtrack- Buy
2. Liife – Lunar – CNVX – Buy
3. IN-IS – Opus Einn (Tom Adams Remix) – NW1 Records – Buy
4.  Grouper – Lighthouse – Taken from the album Ruins – Kranky – Buy
5. Radiohead – Glass Eye – Taken from the album A Moon Shaped Pool – XL – Buy
6. Grant – The Difference – The Lauren Bacall – Buy
7. Grant – Doris Day (Feat. Natalie Galpern) – Taken from the album The Acrobat – The Lauren Bacall – Buy
8. Shinichi Atobe – The Red Line – Taken from the Ship Scope EP – DDS – Buy
9. Jesse Bru – Roach Fingers – Egoplanet – Buy
10. Deezy & Embee – Phases – Party Like Us – Buy
11. Rupture – Excerpt from Israel Suite – Creole Stream Music – Buy
12. Jessica Lauren Four – White Mountain – Taken from the album Happiness Train – Freestyle Records – Buy


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Session 045 March 2015

Over the last six months or so I’ve been hunting down some deep house music with a distinctly slower tempo…This is a bumper mix of these tracks that I’ve been collecting, which all sit around the 115 bpm mark….There’s a few tracks here from the excellent Instruments Of Rapture label…Discogs suggests that the label is no more…sad times…RIP!!

Title: Session 045 March 2015
Duration: 01:14:05
File Size: 106.7 MB

1. New World Aquarium – Avon Sparkle – NWAQ – Buy
2. Theo Parrish – Chemistry – Sound Signature – Buy
3. Floating Points – King Bromeliad – Eglo – Buy
4. Session Victim – The Most Beautiful Divorce Ever – Delusions Of Grandeur – Buy
5. Andy Hart – The Same For Me – Heist – Buy
6. Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Set Me Free – Freerange – Buy
7. Detroit Swindle Feat. Mayer Hawthorne – 64 Ways – Dirt Crew – Buy
8. Floating Points – Marilyn – Eglo – Buy
9. Kira Neris – Kira Neris Theme – Futuristica Music
10. Detroit Swindle – Me, Myself & You – Dirt Crew – Buy
11. Mezman – Le Deepend – Paper Disco – Buy
12. Riff Clitchard – Through With Love (Taken from the Four’s a Crowd EP) – Foto Recordings – Buy
13. Genius Of Time – Science Fiction – Aniara – Buy
14. Luvless – Motion Clapture – (Taken from The Pitch Down Jamz EP) – Foto Recordings – Buy
15. Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road (Lewi’s Bowser Castle Remix) – Instruments Of Rapture – Buy
16. Ooft – Make You Mine – Instruments Of Rapture – Buy
17. Ooft – This Sound – Instruments Of Rapture – Buy
18. The Tortoise – Last Night (Genius Of Time Remix) – Kolour Recordings – Buy


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KGB Lawyer returns with new album Maniac #2

KGB Lawyer - Maniac #2

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across an excellent, self-released albumSongs of Paranoia and Contentment  by KGB Lawyer; It was an impressive collection of joyous indie-pop songs with a spattering of what can only be described as slightly disturbing (!) lyrical content. The talk of electronic threats, wishing neighbours were dead, and cutting people into pieces have been whirring around in my brain ever since..

I’m pleased to report that the long-awaited follow up album, Maniac #2, is finally here!… Here’s a few words from the man himself:

KGB Lawyer’s second album features eight new Pop/Rock songs tackling such themes as dating with dissociative disorders, gangstalking, government spying technology, paranoia in housing complexes, Soviet government employment, DDR, and kidnapping

It’s a superb addition to the KGB Lawyer back catalogue; a wonderful pastiche of the some of the most influential British bands such as The Cure, and the Smiths, twisted and transformed into an impressive collection of tantalisingly well-crafted pop songs, as only KGB Lawyer can…

Below is a preview of the full album:

Track Listing
1. Privet
2. Dating
3. Gangstalking
4. Voice to Skull
5. Stay Away From the Street
6. Never Too Late
7. Running Prisons
8. Who Would Want to Rule the World?
9. Dreaming of China
10. Do Svidaniya

Last month saw the premier of KGB Lawyer’s first video, for the highly infectious Never Too Late, a firm favourite track from the new album…The crazy video is a psychedelic mix of  surreal costumes and vintage soviet-era television…Putin will be outraged when he sees this!!

Buy the album at CD Baby
Buy the album at Amazon
Buy the album at itunes
Buy the album at Play Music

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Session 044 September 2014

Ok so here’s the next episode of the regular podcast series; this month sees an eclectic mix of electro, jazz, indie pop and even a spot of argentinian tango…I’m really into tango at the moment..

Title: Session 044 September 2014
Duration: 00:34:53
Encoding: MP3 192 kbps
File Size: 50.3 MB

1. Zerkalo – I Know More (Taken from the Stoi Storoni Zerkala – Part II EP) – Clone Aqualung Series – Buy
2. Drexciya – You Don’t Know (taken from the compilation Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller III)  – Clone Classic Cuts – Buy
3. Dopplereffekt – Plastiphilia  (Taken from the compilation Gesamtkunstwerk) – International Deejay Gigolo Records – Buy
4. Heart Drive – Aut0mated L0ve – Pleasure District – Buy
5. Photek – Under The Palms (Taken from the absolutely breathtaking album Solaris) – Science – Buy
6. Still Corners – Going Back To Strange (Taken from the album Strange Pleasures) – Sub Pop – Buy
7. Placebo – Tanga (Taken from the album Placebo) – Parlophone –  Buy
8. Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion (Taken from the album Astor Piazzolla Live & Studio) – Buy
9. United Future Organisation – Happy Birthday (taken from the album Bon Voyage) – Talkin’ Loud – Buy
10. Woman’s Hour – Unbroken Sequence (Taken from the album Conversations) – Secretly Canadian – Buy
11. Money Mark – Sometimes You Gotta Make It Alone (Taken from the 3rd Version EP) – Mowax – Buy


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