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Did I mention before, that Sleepy Town Manufacture are amazing?

So, I’m still actively trawling through the vast Sleepy Town Manufacture back catalogue; You may have recalled from an earlier blog that STM are a collective from Russia, founded in 1999, who make really dreamy, gorgeous ambient music. …and I … Continue reading

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Sleepy Town Manufacture are amazing…

Sleepy Town Manufacture are one of the first participants of the astonishing invasion of russian electronica into the western world. The band was founded in 1999 by Roman Komarov, Anton Lukoyanychev and Alexander Ananyev. Alexander also produces a unspeakably warm … Continue reading

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There’s loads of great music out there – How To Find It

It’s very easy to find something you like and stick to it. There’s plenty of people I know who do this, and that’s great. For me though, I feel like I’ve done that a lot in the past, and in … Continue reading

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