Floating Points debut on Planet Mu

Monday, July 6th 2009 sees the follow up to the now massive “Love Me Like This” by up & coming producer Floating Points. The new single, containing the tracks “J&W Beat” & “K&G Beat”, was first aired many months ago on the excellent Floating Points minimix for Mary Anne Hobbs, and are thankfully reaching the shops via Planet Mu.

“J&W Beat” is a fast & lively track, with infectious bassline and expertly-crafted synth textures. The electronic drums are very well programmed, and the production has a air of pristine quality about it.

However, for me, personally, “K&G Beat” is the essential track on this release, with it’s pulsating synth arpeggios and massively loud, compressed pads, it’s really one that makes the old hairs stand on end, such a rarity for me these days, therefore making this release (for me), an absolutely essential purchase.

J&W Beat:
K&G Beat:

Release Info @ Planet Mu
Pre-Order at RedEye Records
Floating Points MySpace Page
Eglo Records Official Website

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