Seba – Exclusive New Drum & Bass Mix – 2009 PT1



Swedish producer Seba has been making top quality tunes for a number of years, with a string of releases on labels like Good Looking Records, Metalheadz and his own Secret operations label. Originating from Ingaro, an island just outside Stockholm, Sebastian Ahrenberg started producing in the early 90s. Working with a basic home studio, he began by making techno, but soon progressed to a more breakbeat-orientated sound, which is know today as drum & bass.

Seba is known for his emotional depth in his music, which is rarely seen in todays drum & bass. In 2001 he started his label Secret operations, as a platform to continue making beats in a deeper and emotional direction.

Last year saw the release of Seba’s debut album, Return To Forever, which, in my opinion, is probably the best drum & bass album I’ve ever heard.

Seba is probably the most talented producer in the d&b scene bar none; musically, he never fails to deliver, and his music is constantly evolving. What a joy it must be then, for him to find time to put together this excellent 50 minute drum & bass mix.

1. Illogic & raf – songs of experience – Bingo
2. Mosus & HLZ – Nexus7 – Liquid V
3. Calibre – understand – deep kut
4. Seba – pressure point – hospital dub
5. Seba – dont you love me any more – dub
6. Seba – painted sky – secret operations dub
7. Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw – The joy (face to face) – secret operations dub
8. Spy – ASBO – soul:r
9. Illogic & raf – complex identities – Bingo
10. Eward Oberon – Paradise – dub
11. Spy – the boy who cried wolf – 31 records

Secret Operations – Seba’s label
Seba @ Juno Records
Secret Operations Myspace Page
Seba & Krazy Myspace Page

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